WHY AMSA? (AMSA-Unsyiah, AMSA-Indonesia, AMSA International)

Hi everyone!
It's been a long time not to post something new here.
So, I once posted about my experience when I was in several AMSA national events. Still, it was only in NAE (National Action Event), while I had so many other national events that I attended (up to 20-ish til now XD). Then I realized something that I never told you before, and it comes to the very basic why it has to be AMSA (Asian Medical Student's Association).
When I was in my first year of college, there were so many organizations introduced themselves to the fresh new student. On our campus, for example, we had AMSA, CIMSA, ISMKI (represented by student council or we called it as BEM), HIPOKAMPUS, etc. But it was only AMSA that left me with an 'aw' kinda feel. 
Firstly, the people in AMSA were one of the most amazing people on campus, and they were so many inspirational people that we, as a new student, can look up to and be our role model. These people consisted of experts from academic, social action kinda person, social butterfly, laboratory assistant, etc. Generally speaking, all-important roles on our campus. Surely I want to be in that part too.
Nothing compares to AMSA's philosophy; it's simple yet so relatable. "Action, Knowledge, and Friendship", three words that define what AMSA is about. Action is something we as a medical student want to give back to society, and Knowledge is something we can share with everyone and earn it for ourself, last Friendship is a bond we can get from the two before. That philosophy only is enough to represent what I wanna get and achieve from joining this organization, and at the end of it, they all are right. I got so many advantages, such as new skills and abilities by joining this organization and implemented their philosophy in my campus life.
Connection/Networks is a thing. I mean it. We need it to expand our network to other people. Guess what? AMSA probably has the most influence on that in my campus life. I got to know so many different influential people that can help me going through my stud's life. For real tho, those people were very helpful. It consisted of people who already become a doctor, specialist (consultant), government employees, etc. 
I think there's just more than this, but I can't tell you all because you know, I'm just lazy to write such things hahahaha, I'd rather tell you in another occasion but not this time, sorry :). Love you all! 

Hey if you're a blogger as I am, please share your blog too in the comment section, I'd like to visit and read some stories too. Thanks! 

ps: AMSA-Unsyiah, AMSA-Indonesia, AMSA International.

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